I Need…You!

b b Hello everybody! I need to ask a favour from you. I would like you to fill out a survey below. This survey is about a product I’m making for my young entrepreneur fair at my school. I am selling mini basketball hoops and I need your feedback as soon as possible. I know most of you won’t actually be able to come and buy my product but at least you could give feedback on what you like so I have an idea of how I can make my product almost perfect.

Death In Space

In our class, we watched a video called Death In Space. In this video, there were a couple of funny ways to die in space. Here is mine…

Bobby walked down the corridor to the space ambulances, it was his the first day on the job. He was one of those confident people who thought it was going to be easy. Well no, it wasn’t going be easy. The war had just ended on the planet of Salty Springs. Many human sacrifices were made and many were injured and needed assistance. But the problem was, everybody was gone! There was no one to assist Bobby. So he took it upon himself to fly a space ambulance. As the engines rumbled, ready for take off, Bobby decided to press the big red button because he liked big red buttons. And out of know where he shot up the like a bottle rocket into space and ascended to the planet of Salty Springs. When he arrived at Salty Springs, there was a big cloud of red smoke covering the horizon. As he zoomed in on the red cloud he could see 2 people carrying an injured person. Then Bobby hovered over them and pressed the big blue button that said land. But a split second before he could notice, he was going to land on them instead of beside them. But it was too late, the shuttle was already speeding to the ground like water falling from a bathtub…

By; Jack Gregory

Where I Live, Beautiful British Columbia

Of structures and marvels
Creative Commons License Rick Finster via Compfight

Hello Everybody,

British Columbia, or as we call it: Super Natural British Columbia.

This is where I live, well I live in a town called the Comox Valley that is located in that province. I’ve been living here about my whole life and I’ve enjoyed almost every second of it. We have some of the warmest summers and some of the coldest winters. It’s a beautiful place to live, there are so many forests, beaches and so much more. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to be telling you 3 of my favourite places in the Comox Valley.

  1. The Comox Valley Turf Field

This is one of my favourite places in the Comox Valley because it’s a big soccer pitch! I do a lot of practices there with my soccer team and our team has played a lot of good games there. Almost every summer I come down to the turf and play soccer with my friends and neighbors. It also wasn’t built to long ago so it’s in really good shape for our games and our community takes good care of it.

2. Barber’s Hole

Barbers Hole is a big pool of water with big cliffs to jump off and my friend lives right beside it! Every summer we go to Barbers Hole and jump off the cliffs. It is also fun because you have to hang on to a rope to carry you down to the cliffs and the water is so refreshing and cold in the summertime.There are three cliffs you can jump off, the first one is like 60ft and the second one is 40ft and the third one is like 20ft for younger kids. There is also a rope swing but that’s for more experienced cliff jumpers because you have to know what time to leave the rope.

3.  My Grandparent’s House

To finish it off, my least favourite place in the Comox Valley is my Grandparent’s house. In the summertime, I always go over to my Grandparent’s because they have a big above ground pool! My Grandpa built it himself. Every year the whole family comes over and swims, talks and have a big lunch. And whenever I’m at my grandparents house me and my Grandpa make root-beer floats.

And that comes to the end of this post! Hope you enjoyed!