A Harris Burdick Mystery: Uninvited Guests

Hello fellow friends,

In our class for the last week we have been working on interesting sentences with nouns, verbs, adjectives, clauses, adverbs etc.. Then we moved on to working on a paragraph about a Harris Burdick Mystery. In his book, there are lots of pictures but not many words because it is a mystery. Everbody in our class would get to choose a mystery of their choice. For my mystery, as you can see in the title is called Uninvited Guests. Now, I will show you the paragraph I made for this, enjoy!


As his footsteps trembled down the staircase, which dust poofed from the steps and into the air. It was so quiet down in that little basement of his. He hadn’t been down there in years. Swiftly he turned his head to scout out what he wanted, but he didn’t want much. He walked over to a table with some old tools on it because he needed to repair his bathroom door. There was nothing special about this basement or was there?? As picked out the tools he heard a screeching sound like a monster from a horror movie. He turned around and looked for whatever that horrible sound was. He was about to give up until he saw this little doorknob behind some tables. He moved the tables out of the way and peeked through a little crack that was left in the door. He wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. He thought in his head: How did I not notice this??What could be in behind this majestic door?? Is this thing dangerous?? No one really knows. He decided to take a closer look and he reached in and something grabbed him by the arm and he was gone. 

Jack Gregory