My 2018 Tribune Bay Camp Experience

Hello everyone,

In today’s post I’m going to be telling you about my experience at the Tribune Bay Outdoor Adventure Camp. I had a great time and did a lot of cool stuff like repelling down a climbing wall,  kayaking, walking across logs in the air and climbing big ladders. I’m going to tell you all about it in these  in  the next paragraphs!


The first activity that our group was kayaking. I really enjoyed kayaking with my group. We went out far and looked at some cliffs and rocks. We also learned about some of the fish in the water around Tribune Bay. The next activity we did was repelling. I did repelling last year and I had lots of fun. This year I was a little bit better at it than last year. This time I was pushing my feet off the wall and repelling down. After doing kayaking and repelling, we had dinner. The first night we had spaghetti and Caesar salad. It was really good. And my favourite, we had apple crumble for desert. It was so good. After dinner, we had some free time. My friends and I just hung-out at are cabins and waited for camp fire. When it came to camp fire I would sit beside my friends and wait until the camp leader showed up. When he got to campfire we did some repeat after me songs and some dances. After all the camp songs we got to have hot chocolate and popcorn. After campfire we had free time to hangout with friends. My friends and I just walked around the camp.


The next day we did High Ropes. At the high ropes, I did something called the Possum Log. At the possum log you climb up cargo net and then try and stand on a log then walk across it. Last year I scooched across it instead of walking across it. This year I walked across it. The next activity we did was the leap of faith. The leap of faith is where you climb up a telephone pole and then jump of it and try to grab the trapeze. Sadly, I didn’t grab the bar but I was close. I had lots of fun at camp.


Thanks for reading!


What will Christmas be Like in 100 Years?


Hello friends,

Samichlaus with 5 weeks old baby 

As you can see the title of this post, you must wonder, what will Christmas be like in 100 years? 

Honestly, I’m not to sure what Christmas will look like in 100 years. I have never thought of it. But, I do have some ideas.

I think in 100 years, Christmas won’t be much different from now but I think there could be changes to Christmas lights, Christmas trees and Santa’s sleigh.

In 100 years, all Christmas lights will be LED and there will be a app you can connect all your lights to so you customize all  the colours, details and  change the patterns they make  and a   Christmas light gun. You ask, what is a Christmas light gun? Well, if have ever watched ” How The Grinch Stole Christmas” you would know.In the movie, there is a woman who boguht a christmas gun and she shoot the lights out and they connect to the clamps on the house.  I think all Christmas trees will be plastic, even know some people do buy plastic trees already, I think everybody will want a plastic one. I think thsi because you can reuse a plastic one and real ones are sticky and they drop a lot of branches.

I also think Santa’s sleigh will have some modifications like boosters that will help him get to his destination faster. I also think his reindeer will be a lot faster Santa will give is reinder special powers and his sleigh will have a  tracker that motorizes and his sleigh and will show if the children in the house are asleep.

I don’t think much will change in the next 100 years because I think everybody loves the way Christmas  is right now. But I do think people will come up with news ideas for Christmas in the future.

Happy Holidays!! 


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Halloween Is Here!!

 Happy Halloween! JLS Photography – Alaska via Compfight

Hello friends,

As you may already know, Halloween is coming up in the next couple days. Halloween is probably one of the greatest times of the whole year. Why? Well, because you get free candy from your whole neighborhood!! In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to tell you some ways to get more candy, being safe when trick-or-treating, and some history of Halloween.

How to get More Candy on Halloween
When trick-or-treating, have  a backpack or something so when the first bag of candy is full dump it in your backpack. Then when you go to the next person’s house, they will feel bad for you because you don’t have any candy so they will give you more.

Bring a hoodie and mask as an extra costume so you can trick-or-treat at the same house twice.

With your friends, making  a song or dance could earn you more candy because they will think you are creative.

Also, having a bigger bag like a trash bag could earn you more candy because people seem more likely to give you more candy if you have a bigger bag.

Being polite could also earn you more candy because if you just run up to someone’s door and say trick-or-treat while not even looking at them, they won’t give you lots of candy because that’s not polite. If you look someone in the eye and say trick-or-treat  in a nice voice, the may give you more candy.

Safety When Trick-or-Treating
When crossing the roads at night, make sure to look left-right-left before crossing.

When driving a vehicle, you need to go slower than usually on busy roads because it could be danger to pedestrians and especially little kids.

Always try to walk on the side-walk. If there are no side-walks, walk towards traffic on the left side as far as you can.

When making or buying a costume, try to incorporate some type of reflective tape, try choosing light colours.

Try to avoid using masks because it can obstruct a kid’s vision to their surroundings. Using face paint is a good idea.

Popular trick-or-treating times are around 5:30 – 9:30 so drivers need to be aware of driving at these times.

History of Halloween

Halloween originated from a old European tradition of the ancient Celtic of Samhain. People would gather in scary costumes to   ward off ghost spirits. In the 8th century, Halloween was called Hallows Eve, then became Halloween later on. Then people started carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns and dressing up and giving sweet treats to everybody. This tradition has been going on for over 2000 years! Years ago, Halloween wasn’t really on sweets, it was more on tricking people.

What are you being for Halloween??

Have a happy Halloween!!


About Me

Hello Friends,  

My name is Jack and I have just started blogging in Ms. Smith’s  class. I am from Comox British, Columbia. This post is all about the things I like to do and to learn a little bit about me. 

One thing I love is soccer. I’ve been playing soccer since a very young age. I play on the U13 rep team and I also play on Nanaimo Rush. My favourite team is PSG which has my favourite player, Neymar Jr. I also love to play a lot of other sports like basketball and golf.  

I go to a school called Brooklyn Elementary in the Comox Valley. I love cats because I have 3 named Lilly, Fred and Bindy. Lilly and Fred are kittens and Bindy is not a kitten, she is an older cat.  I also like to do Math and Gym. I like doing gym because I’m a very active person who really likes to run. Another thing I love to do is scootering  which I’ve been doing for about 6 months. I can land tail whips, double tail whips, 360s, down sides, fakies, manuals, grinds and bar spins. I used  to do taekwondo but I don’t do it anymore. 

I have a sister, who is very annoying but I have to live with her so  life can be difficult sometimes. She is 8 years old and she also  goes to the same school as me. 

I also like food, like who doesn’t like food? My favourite food is pizza and pasta. I know they are very basic but they’re really good. My favourite type of pizza is Hawaiian. And did you know, Hawaiian pizza is actually Canadian?  I also like pasta cause the tomato sauce is very good. 

Hope you got to learn a little bit about me  

-Have a wonderful day!