Homelessness, A Problem Around the World

Hello friends, 

Over the last couple our class has been focusing on Homelessness, a problem all around the world. I became interested in homelessness a long time ago. When I was younger I always was looking at people that were sitting on the sides of streets and always wondered why they were there. As I got older I started figuring out that there are so many reasons why there are people on the streets. I will get in to that later. As of 2005, there is a estimated 100 million people in the world that are homeless! That number should not be that big! 


There are many reasons why people are homeless. Some people get addicted to drugs and end up spending all their money on drugs. There are many other reasons like drinking addictions, house costs rising way to much that they cant pay their rent, surgeries that cost lots of money, diseases that take them away from their jobs. I’ve watched some videos on YouTube about homeless people and they say people walk by them everyday like there not even there. A group of people in new York did a experiment were a they hired a teenager and put him on the side of  road with no clothes and one little garbage bag  to sleep in. He sat in the little garbage bag for a couple hours and nobody decided to help except for one man, another homeless man. When the other homeless man gave him money the people filming came out and told the man it’s was a experiment. Then they gave the man some money. It just shows that people need to help others and not just themselves. It’s weird how the homeless person is giving  to another homeless man and the people are walking by don’t even help.

There are also many people who do have jobs but are poor. I saw a commercial on TV a of a woman who is a waitress at a restaurant and when she is taking the food back to the kitchen, half of the sandwich has not been eaten so she takes a  bite and  walks to the next table. This just shows you can’t always see homelessness but it is there.


I hoped you learned a bit more about homelessness and what it takes on peoples lives.

What questions do you have about homelessness?

Have a wonderful day!