Neymar Jr: Soaring Speed

This is a photo of Neymar

Hello friends, 

The ball soars  across the pitch, Neymar gets a perfect touch, turns, shoots for the net …. and it’s a goal!!

Neymar once again with a beautiful finish.

His name is Neymar Jr. He is a professional soccer player from Brazil and has being playing soccer for just about 8 years. He is one of my heroes in life because I want to be just like him when I’m older because he shows a good example of a soccer player. As of today, he plays for a team in France called Paris Saint-Germain  PSG Neymar is 25 years old. He has played in the World Cup and he has won the World Cup before. His position on the soccer field is forward. He is both footed which means he can shoot with his right and left foot. He has also been nominated for the Ballon d’Or. The Ballon d’Or is a award for the top overall player of the year. Now that I have told you a little bit about him, I’m going to tell you about the successful learner traits he uses.  

Neymar shows confidence in many ways. He is very confident when he plays with his team and very confident when doing his skills on the soccer field. He never thinks that he and his team will have a bad game, he makes his team feel more confident with him on the field. When it comes to challenges, he can over come challenges off the pitch and on the pitch. Neymar never gives up when he plays and is always making other people confident on and off the field.

Neymar is definitely a risk taker. On the pitch, he is always trying new tricks that are very risky. He takes risks with is team when they are trying a new strategies on the pitch. He takes risks when he is taking free kicks and penalty kicks. Neymar takes risk when shooting or passing the ball because if he passes the ball and another player intercepts it, then he will have to help his team get the ball back. And if he shoots the ball, it may deflect off another player or he might miss the net which is very frustrating because you really want to help your team get  a goal.

Neymar is a very compassionate player. He has done many charities in the past for children in need of help. Neymar charieties On and off the field, he is a very nice person who helps others and cares about them. On the soccer field he is always helping up his players that have fell and members from the other team sometime. If he hurts a player by accident, he says sorry and helps them up. Neymar is also very respectful to others like better players than him. He shares his creativity with his team. He tells them ideas he has for a game plan  other things like that. He is fair on the pitch when it comes to the ball going out of the field and admitting  that it is the other teams ball. 

To conclude this blog post, I am going to ask you how these learner traits and more can help you through your learning. Do successful learner traits help you? Which ones do you use? How can Neymar’s traits influence you in your learning?  

Have a wonderful day!