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La maison hantee

This is my haunted house art that I did in French class.

Hello friends,

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working on a frech project. This project would need to include a haunted house design, 10 halloween frech word’s and texture on your design. I would like you to notice my texture on my haunted house design. For the texture, I used a metal dry-erase holder. It made my design look like the house was very old and needed some fixing up. I cut the windows so my characters would pop-out of my design.


Have a wonderful day!


The Moon

Moon Phase in The Space

Creative Commons License Public Domain Photography via CompfightPhotography

As the night sky gets darker, the moon gets brighter. The only thing shining is the moon, while the sky is dark. All the people, drift away into there dreams while the bat’s awake and fly into dark sky. Soon, the moon will fall from the sky as the break of dawn begins. All the people awake as the dark glowing sky has disappeared.

What do you see??

Have a wonderful day