Homelessness, A Problem Around the World

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Over the last couple our class has been focusing on Homelessness, a problem all around the world. I became interested in homelessness a long time ago. When I was younger I always was looking at people that were sitting on the sides of streets and always wondered why they were there. As I got older I started figuring out that there are so many reasons why there are people on the streets. I will get in to that later. As of 2005, there is a estimated 100 million people in the world that are homeless! That number should not be that big! 


There are many reasons why people are homeless. Some people get addicted to drugs and end up spending all their money on drugs. There are many other reasons like drinking addictions, house costs rising way to much that they cant pay their rent, surgeries that cost lots of money, diseases that take them away from their jobs. I’ve watched some videos on YouTube about homeless people and they say people walk by them everyday like there not even there. A group of people in new York did a experiment were a they hired a teenager and put him on the side of  road with no clothes and one little garbage bag  to sleep in. He sat in the little garbage bag for a couple hours and nobody decided to help except for one man, another homeless man. When the other homeless man gave him money the people filming came out and told the man it’s was a experiment. Then they gave the man some money. It just shows that people need to help others and not just themselves. It’s weird how the homeless person is giving  to another homeless man and the people are walking by don’t even help.

There are also many people who do have jobs but are poor. I saw a commercial on TV a of a woman who is a waitress at a restaurant and when she is taking the food back to the kitchen, half of the sandwich has not been eaten so she takes a  bite and  walks to the next table. This just shows you can’t always see homelessness but it is there.


I hoped you learned a bit more about homelessness and what it takes on peoples lives.

What questions do you have about homelessness?

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What will Christmas be Like in 100 Years?


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Samichlaus with 5 weeks old baby 

As you can see the title of this post, you must wonder, what will Christmas be like in 100 years? 

Honestly, I’m not to sure what Christmas will look like in 100 years. I have never thought of it. But, I do have some ideas.

I think in 100 years, Christmas won’t be much different from now but I think there could be changes to Christmas lights, Christmas trees and Santa’s sleigh.

In 100 years, all Christmas lights will be LED and there will be a app you can connect all your lights to so you customize all  the colours, details and  change the patterns they make  and a   Christmas light gun. You ask, what is a Christmas light gun? Well, if have ever watched ” How The Grinch Stole Christmas” you would know.In the movie, there is a woman who boguht a christmas gun and she shoot the lights out and they connect to the clamps on the house.  I think all Christmas trees will be plastic, even know some people do buy plastic trees already, I think everybody will want a plastic one. I think thsi because you can reuse a plastic one and real ones are sticky and they drop a lot of branches.

I also think Santa’s sleigh will have some modifications like boosters that will help him get to his destination faster. I also think his reindeer will be a lot faster Santa will give is reinder special powers and his sleigh will have a  tracker that motorizes and his sleigh and will show if the children in the house are asleep.

I don’t think much will change in the next 100 years because I think everybody loves the way Christmas  is right now. But I do think people will come up with news ideas for Christmas in the future.

Happy Holidays!! 


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The Beautiful Game, Soccer

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In today’s post, I am going to tell you the most played sport around the world, one of the greatest games ever to be played…soccer!! 

The game soccer, also know as footbal,l started way back in 1863. The game became very popular in the medieval days of England. The English also came up with the rules and regulations. Over the years, it became a very popular sport all over the world.

Before rules were made, the Romans and Egyptians played games with their feet and a ball. But, they could use any accessories to get the ball in the opponents goal.

 At one time, soccer was banned because of how dangerous they played it. The football association in England started the same year it rules were made.

The first international game ever played was in 1872. It was England against Scotland. When other countries started playing this sport, America establish their soccer association in 1921. They played with a brown, bulky leather ball. To this day, soccer is the most popular sport in the world and some of the most talented players out there like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr are being payed millions of dollars!! 

I also play Soccer! I play for a team in the Comox Valley called the Red Knights. I have been playing soccer since I was very little. I also play for a other team called the Rush. There are located up Island. In 2018, I’m going to a Washington State for a soccer tournament. When I went this summer, our team placed 1st ! On the field, I play Striker. I can also >>>>>paly a little bit of mid field but my coach wants me at the top. 

My favourite team is Paris Saint Germain : PSG for short. My favourite player plays for PSG, his name is Neymar Jr. He is one of the best players in the world. He is not as good at Cristiano Ronaldo but Neymar he has speed and skill. Neymar also plays striker but he is on the left wing. PSG plays a 4-3-3. That means they have 4 in the back, 3 in the middle and 3 at the top. PSG has won 7 league cups and have also won 1 UEFA cup.They are the most successful French team with winning trophies! They have a record for 39 wins in a row, unbeaten!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post on Soccer! 

Do you play Soccer?? 

What is your favourite sport?? 

Have a wonderful day!! 


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